Are you a victim of a brand?

The majority of people want to stand out in the community they are a part of. According to some subgroups, this behavior is a sign of mental instability. It may be intended to demonstrate their social standing to the outside world.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy, which consists of four stages of needs that progress from basic to complex, “certain biological and psychological needs drive human behavior.” Respect, a sense of accomplishment, and self-worth make up the fourth level of wants, which is esteem. He separated the desire for respect or repute from others into two categories: the need for regard for oneself (dignity, accomplishment, mastery, independence) (e.g., status, prestige)

After carefully examining people’s behavior, a group of experts developed a business opportunity to fulfill individuals’ “Esteem Needs”. They call it a “Brand,” which will enable individuals to shine in their community by using a Branded Product.

The philosophy of Branding

It primarily has an emotion — a feeling, not necessarily a name or product — to attract consumers with various emotional positions. When branding a product or service, the owners try to incorporate the values and code of conduct into the finished good or service. This helps to differentiate a product that is in the same industry, has similar contents, and serves the same purposes.

However, in general, branded goods have a more significant impact on customers, and those consumers hope to utilize branded goods to improve their life’s comfort, happiness, and satisfaction. They might be loyal to a brand if they consistently have a good experience

How does the corporate world position a brand in minds?

They conduct research on the target population, seeking a more fulfilling existence and evaluating your attentiveness and personality, then develop a phrase that will draw attention to your area of interest or business objective and evoke feelings of importance, necessity, and superiority. After that, they choose fonts and colors that are easy for you to remember and promote them frequently so you won’t forget. It’s a mind map that invents a need for a good or service for which you actually have no genuine need.

A brand may be positioned in the eyes of a consumer in various ways. For example, it could be based on price, lifestyle, quality, prestige, or attributes. But all of them are designed to cater to someone’s mental instability rather than fundamental needs. Therefore, brand owners may charge double to cater to consumers’ immature mentality.

Popular slogans that try to trick us

The business idea generator is playing with your feelings, if you look properly,

It’s time to consider whether we have control over our emotions. They create the tagline to speak to our depressed feelings.

Should we develop the mental capacity to resist being intimidated by a smarter person/group of business plans?

Because our weakest spot is our emotions, business idea generators view this as a business opportunity. Why pay more for a branded product if it serves the same purpose as other products on the market?

Why don’t we create our own Brand?

The fundamental premise behind purchasing branded goods is that we pay a premium to a business to market its goods. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? It might be a cognitively demanding exercise at times.

However, building a personal brand takes more effort than we might imagine, and it’s a process that must be continued for the rest of your life. The brand image will be maintained as someone build it, even if we have no plans to sell it.

Finally, be a Brand!

Will you agree or disagree??? Love to hear

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