The new generation will be enlightened by visionary thinking rather than theories passed down from previous generations.


  • Wear the confidence

    Have you ever compared yourself to someone else in terms of appearance, wealth, skill, or performance? It can happen when you are under the age of 20. Because most insecure feelings begin at that age, we begin to compete with one another. There is a famous quote that “ compare yourself to yourself to become…

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  • Are you a victim of a brand?

    The majority of people want to stand out in the community they are a part of. According to some subgroups, this behavior is a sign of mental instability. It may be intended to demonstrate their social standing to the outside world. According to Maslow’s hierarchy, which consists of four stages of needs that progress from…

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  • How to fit into a new job and work culture

    Most new workers are terrified when they start a new job with a new manager/reporting line and a completely different atmosphere. During that moment, we have a lot on our minds. Although we are ready and prepared to embrace difficulties, we naturally make errors with excitement. Still, it must not destroy the future prospects or…

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  • A toxic manager can ruin both an employee’s future and the company’s reputation

    A toxic manager is someone who consistently exhibits harmful or negative behaviours that can harm the work environment, employee morale, and an organization’s overall performance. Poor communication skills, micromanagement, a lack of trust and accountability, abusive language or behaviour, and a tendency to play favourites or engage in politics are all common characteristics of toxic…

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